For years, as the first cruise industry blogger, I would write 3 – 4x a week on my CruiseSource Blog. In 2015, I made the leap into agency life with Enventys Partners. Since then, I’ve had to be hyper-focused on getting results in an extremely fast-paced environment.

After 3 years of not blogging, I’ve missed it, so I’m launching I’ve launched this site in February 2018 to be my new home-base.

I’ll be writing about the things I love the most: Facebook Ads, Fitness, Digital Marketing, Crowdfunding, Innovation, Travel, & Family Life.

Facebook Ads

At Enventys Partners, we’ve grown from just me running Facebook Ads to THE LARGEST Facebook Advertising Team in North Carolina in only 2 years!  We’ve generated Millions of Dollars in tracked revenue via Facebook ads on Kickstarter & Indiegogo.  Our client work has even been featured by Facebook as a Success Story. 

My team is managing over $2 million in ads a year.  We test and learn a lot with these budgets.  I’m excited to share what is working with you here!


Outside of the office, I went from the worst shape of my life to the best shape at age 42 breaking all my personal bests in strength & running along the way.

How did I do?  It started with the #Overcome38 fitness challenge I started in my brother’s memory which is pretty simple(not easy): 30 minutes of exercise every day for 38 days, no alcohol, and a daily gym selfie posted for accountability.  70+ people have completed the 38-day challenge over the last 2 years.  For my second go around with the challenge, I ended up doing #Overcome38 x10.  380 straight days of exercise and no alcohol.

I’m looking forward to sharing what is working with both Fitness & Facebook Advertising here to help others get similar results!


– Rich Tucker

Before / After #Overcome38 x10

The Facebook Ads Team

Paid Social Advertising

I’ve been a Paid Social Advertising Leader since 2010 when I was one of the first 100 marketers invited to be a BETA tester for the Twitter Ad Platform.

Today, my team of Paid Media Managers and I run over $3 million a year in paid social ads.  Our clients range from billion dollar enterprises to bootstrapped startups.  In 2017, we drove millions in tracked revenue on Kickstarter & Indiegogo platform. The results for one of our clients raising $1.8 million in 40 days were so impressive that Facebook used it as the first ever Facebook Success Story for a crowdfunding campaign.  

95% of the traffic we run is through Facebook Ads. No other platform matches the targeting, creative flexibility, and conversion optimization of Facebook. We specialize in product launches, lead generation, and sales funnel creation. 

Speaker / Trainer

I love teaching! I’ve been teaching social media marketing to small business owners since 2011. I started training Cruise Holiday’s Franchise Owners via my 6-part Social Media Course for Travel Agents which was the first of it’s kind.  

Today, the results from social media marketing are 100x better... and I’m fortunate enough to still be in a position where I can show the exact strategy and tactics that we use to generate millions in tracked sales.  I’m able to share behind the scenes on our biggest successes like the Antonia Saint NY Kickstarter where we drove $1.8 million in pre-order revenue in just 40 days. 

The Antonia Saint Kickstarter Campaign had a 7x Return on Facebook Ad Spend with 1,796 in pre-orders tracked directly to Facebook Ads.  [verified by Facebook for Success Story].  My presentations and training sessions use case studies like this and make it applicable to any business!