Facebook Advertising Speaker / Trainer

A few reasons why I’d like to speak at your conference:

➢ I’ve been teaching social media marketing to small businesses for over 8 years and I LOVE it!

➢ Most Facebook Advertising speakers do not have the experience I have working at both strategic and tactical levels.  I am in Facebook Ads Manager every day creating campaigns while also talking high-level strategy with C-Level Execs at Billion Dollar Enterprises. Regardless of the attendees business size or goals, I will teach them something new.

➢ I’ve grown a team of 8 Facebook Ad Specialists who have generated millions in revenue from Facebook Ads using the process I’ve perfected over the last 7 years. Now, I want to share proven process with your attendees!  

➢ My number 1 goal is to make my session more valuable than the ticket price of the entire event for the attendee! 

➢ Regardless of the attendee’s knowledge level, I’m able to deliver valuable nuggets of information for everyone in attendance. 

➢ My team has had incredible success with the widest possible range of clients from billion dollar enterprises to bootstrapped startups. Our approach to Facebook Advertising has been proven to work across the board.

➢ And while I have taught 1000s over the years, I’m not a regular on the conference circuit. I will bring a fresh new perspective to your conference.

So, if you are looking for a speaker who loves to teach and is willing to share how his team is generating millions in revenue with Facebook Ads please contact me.  I look forward to working with you! 

– Rich Tucker

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Rich Tucker Speaking at Social Fresh
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