In June 2018, Facebook created the info and ads tab on Facebook Business Pages that was a feed of all live ads being ran by that page visible to everyone.

Without an announcement, Facebook has now removed the Info and Ads Tab. I’m actually shocked that the tab lasted 11 months. When they launched this tab last year, I was not a fan of the easy to search feed. I did write this blog post with list of things that marketers needed to do because of this new tab.

While the move was meant to add transparency for consumers, all it really did was give marketers an easy to scroll feed to “borrow” from competitors and large brand investing huge amounts of money in strategy and creative.

All Your Facebook Ads Are Still Visible

I was excited to randomly find that the info and tabs ad had been removed. But then I started to try to figure out ways to see brands ads and found that not only can competitors search your ads, but they can also search by topic to see the whole industry in spot.

The easy work around to see all of your or any other business’s Facebook Ads. You just have to go to the Facebook Ads Library:

Search the Ads Library by Name, Topic, or Organization

What Facebook Says about the Ad Library:
“The Ad Library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook Products. Anyone can explore the Library, with or without a Facebook account.

You can access all active ads, even ones that may not have been shown to you because you weren’t part of an advertiser’s intended audience.”

I don’t think the average consumer will ever know about the Facebook Ads Library. The average consumer would not have known about the info and ads tab, but at least it was slightly conceivable that a consumer may have come across a business page’s info and ads tab while researching business after seeing an ad.

The only purpose the Ad Library really serves is as a research library for marketers. And I’m still really not a big fan of it.

So while the Facebook info and tabs ads is gone from your business pages, all my tips from last year still hold true. Click here to read the tips post.

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