With 70+ finishers of the #Overcome38 Challenge, my Facebook newsfeed has been full of inspiring stories the last couple of years.  Almost 2 years into it and the stories just keep getting more inspiring.

First, a huge CONGRATULATIONS Mike D’Avria for passing 200 straight days of at least 30 minutes of exercise!! Those are all his selfies in the featured image.

Mike’s recent accomplishment as a nice reminder that the #Overcome38 challenge has been life-changing for others, not just me. It feels good to know that a challenge inspired by my brother’s love of fitness has made a difference in people’s lives.

Mike D’Arvia’s #Overcome38 Journey

Like me, this was Mike D’Arvia’s second go-around with the #Overcome38 challenge. The first time Mike completed the 38 Day Challenge, he said that every day was a challenge to overcome being sore from the day before. At the end of the first 38-day challenge, Mike was feeling great and was well on the way to getting the great results that come with consistent daily exercise.

Similar to my story though, after the 1st 38-day challenge Mike started to work out less and gave back many of his gains.

So, Mike decided to do the #Overcome38 challenge a second time.  But this time he had no plans of stopping. He’d seen others continue the daily exercise streak beyond 100 days and knew he could do it too.  He has shared his entire journey daily on Instagram.  Yes, all 200 days!

“When I first did #Overcome38 every single day was a challenge. I was sore, I was tired, I was struggling to “overcome.” But then when I hit Day 38 it felt amazing. When I decided to do it again it was much easier. Then I kept going and I hit 100, then 150, and now 200 and I’m basically on auto-pilot when it comes to working out. It’s just a huge part of my life now and it’s no longer difficult to find the time.” – Mike D’Arvia (Day 200)

That puts Mike in a pretty small club. Few people can say they’ve exercised for at least 30 minutes for 200 days in a row.

Also in this club, is Mike’s wife, Molly who started 6 days ahead of Mike! CONGRATS MOLLY on 206+ days!!  She has been a little more undercover [not sharing daily] about her awesome accomplishment. Both Mike and I credit our 200+ day streaks to the accountability with our daily checkins.

Shawn Passes #Overcome38 x2 (76 days)

Also this past weekend, a good friend I have not seen in years posted this comment on one of my Facebook Posts. He commented to let me know that him & his wife just finished day 76, #Overcome38 x2 with his wife. In addition to exercising daily for 76 days, he’s also given up Alcohol & Coffee (pretty sure, that’s a first).

Shawn Hanna #Overcome38

They are now going for #Overcome38 x3, which is not that surprising.  Once you make it to day 66, it is a habit.  By day 76, you are feeling better than ever and it is a habit.  Why stop?

Key Fitness Takeaways From Mike & Shawn?

#1. Start off with your goal being 38 days, but once you hit 38 days keep going for at least 66 days. I recommend, checking in daily for the first 38 days on social media for accountability.  Then from day 39 – 66, you can just checkin weekly. Once you get to day 66, you will not want to stop. Don’t believe me? Try it!

#2. Go streaking with your spouse. Both Mike & Shawn, have reached these impressive fitness milestones with their wives.  This is great for accountability. Plus exercising with your spouse is great quality time (daily) and knocking out big goals with your spouse like exercising 100+ days in a row together has to feel pretty awesome.

#3. The prove that #Overcome38 can work for you too! Yes, there have been over 70 people finish the 38-day challenge.  38 days is great.  But, the real life-changing magic starts to happens at #Overcome38 x2. And several beside just me have extended their streak beyond that point.  You can do it too. And just has Mike and Shawn report back in their updates, you’ll be so happy that you did.

Bill Sparks Overcoming Cancer

My father-in-law, Bill Sparks at age 67 exercise for his first attempt at #Overcome38 exercised for 75 straight days, took a day off and then exercised for 216 straight days.  He ended up missing one day out of a whole year. Possibly, one of the motivating factors in my doing it a second time for 380 days was Bill’s inspiring journey. And I could not be beaten so badly at a challenge I started.

Bill Sparks Day 138 #Overcome38

Bill recently started the #Overcome38 Challenge again.  Now at 69, and 6 weeks into his recovery from surgery to remove prostate cancer, Bill is sharing his 38-day journey. In his first post, he ‘threatened’ to not post daily on Facebook this time, but I hope he continues to post daily because I know his journey will continue to inspire others to make fitness a daily priority.

#Overcome38 Day 1

Focus On What You Can Control

One Last thought: in life, there are a lot of things out of our control. I could not control my brother passing away. Bill could not control getting cancer.  But we can all find 30 minutes per day that we control.  And for that 30 minutes, we can exercise. By taking control of that 30 minutes and doing something that has so many benefits is empowering.

When life throws things at us that are out of our control, take some time each day to focus on something that we can control.  Even if it is just 30 minutes a day.

In the beginning, it may not be easy, but you will feel better as you start to put together a streak and exercise no matter what each day. It works. You can do it!

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